TheStyleShot showcases an array of styles through fashion, art, lifestyle, culture, and music. TheStyleShot celebrates individualism
and creativity by documenting and revealing my own and that of others. Whether it be trends, up and coming artists, locations; TheStyleShot's main purpose is to inspire and be inspired.


Behind TSS:

 Hello, my name is Keithlane (kate-lyn). I am currently a communications major with a passion for the arts. Being raised in a musically inclined  hispanic family, I have grown to appreciate different forms of artistic expressions. What also helped fueled this passion of mine was my involvement in dance. Due to dance, I was able to dabble in production, videography, fashion, film, and music.

My purpose of creating TheStyleShot was to be able to express what accumulates in my mind as well in others. I wanted TheStyleShot to become a multi-purposed blog. Whether you are looking for new music, fashion inspirations, checking out some interviews or get an insight of different places; TheStyleShot can provide.