Does It Come In Black?

Top: American Apparel | Bottoms: Forever21 | Shoes: Forever21

Hello to all!
Hope all is swell.

Being a dark colored clothing aficionado, Spring/Summer season has always been a difficult time for me. Finding the balance between weather functionality and my preferred color palette always seemed elusive. Refusing to take another "L" this year, I began my search for inspiration. During this search,  I came across designer, LaQuan Smith, and model Bella Hadid. Both Smith and Hadid have a knack of remaining stylish with a dash of "Golden Age" sex appeal.


For today's look, I am wearing a shoulder baring top from American Apparel. Due to the durable fabric, I was able to stay warm without the need of a top layer. To add texture, Forever21's ankle length pants was the ideal piece to balance out the tightness of the top. With its cinch waist lining, it provided enough room for the tuck of the shirt, without the increase appearance of piled up fabric.

Lastly, I slipped on my Forever21 embroidered leather slip ons for an added level of casual sophistication.    


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