Finished Realizing Stuff, Now Embracing Stuff...

Jean Jacket: LTrainVintage | Leather Jacket: Shein | Top: Mom's | Bottom: Forever21 | Shoes: Aldo | Scarf: Forever21

Hello to all!
Hope all is swell.

I would like to start off and congratulate you all for surviving the first week of the New Year, almost finishing the second, and being on the way to the third. 
2016 has been the epitome of "realizing stuff" (Thanks, Kylie). I have realized the importance of change, embracing the negatives just as much as the positives, the many opportunities gained by surrounding yourself with the right people versus the time wasted with the wrong ones, and that my most enjoyable times did happen outside my comfort zone. The list can go on, but perhaps I shall save that for my Youtube Channel debut? Hmm.   


Today, Jersey's weather made me rather nostalgic of my favorite time of year,  Fall. While still maintaing the right amount of cold, I was able to layer up without disregarding style. As mentioned before, I have recently decided to experiment with various textures and silhouettes. For contrast, I decided to wear a thrifted jean jacket from LTrainVintage and a leather jacket from Shein. To add a bright neutralizer, wearing my mother's white button up was an ideal choice. I kept my bottoms simple with a pair of jeans from Forever21.

Along with texture experimentation, I am also attempting to slowly add a bit more color to my wardrobe. I did so by wearing my burgundy booties from Aldo, and a oversized scarf from Forever21. 

To whom ever is reading this,

Consistency is key. Keep working, keep striving, minimize pride/ego, and smile often.

I am rooting for you.

Until next time,



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