Never Stressed... JK, It's Finals Week.

Jacket: Shein | Top: Mom's | Bottoms: Forever21 | Belt: Mom's | Shoes: Shein

Hello to all!
Hope all is swell.

           With finals week slowly squandering my sanity, nothing refreshes me more than chilly weather and the holidays. Between the glee of Christmas and the excitement of starting a New Year, the holidays act as a "mental generator" throughout the duration of "stress" week. Another mental boost that helps me out is taking a study break and spending a certain amount of time for creativity/hobbies. 

     For the outfit's top half , I am wearing a shoulder ribbed leather jacket from Shein and my Mother's sheer yellow button up. My mother first purchased this blouse when she had my oldest brother (4 of us in total). The accuracy behind the phrase, "history repeats itself", is one that consistently continues to amaze me. Who would have ever thought that I would be sporting this blouse decades after it was bought.

         As for bottoms, I am wearing a mid-rise pair of jeans from Forever21 and a rich brown belt with a gold buckle; another one of my Mother's items.

To wrap this look up, I slipped on a pair of faux leather boots from Shein.

What is your favorite vintage piece?

Until next time,



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