Like I'm Jordan '96 '97

Duster-Top-Bottoms: Forever21 | Shoes: Nike Jordan

Hello to all!
Hope all is swell.

   Despite the frantic last minute gift shopping, crowded malls, and finding wrapping paper in strange places- Christmas was an overall success. Although there were numerous ways to avoid the frenzy, I would not mind enduring the process all over again. Perhaps it is the combine thrill and joy of accomplishing something before time runs out, while simultaneously bringing a smile to a love one's face.


     For today's outfit, I wanted to take a gander with various fittings, textures, and silhouettes. The great thing about monochromatic clothing in different fabrics is the dimension and depth it contributes. Being a predominately "all black wearer", I decided to wear a simple silk cami from Forever21. What I love about this top is the minimal creasing it creates when putting on/taking off the item.

To compliment the silk garment, I decided to wear a pair of loose fitted pants and a knee length duster, both from Forever21.

Lastly, I decided to add a pop of color with my Nike Jordan sneakers.

If you had to wear a monochromatic outfit, what color would it be?

Until next time,