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Jacket: LTrainVintage | Dress: American Apparel | Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Hello to all!
Hope all is swell.

The past couple of weeks have been filled with environmental transitions, self-reflecting/assessing, and rapid adaptation. Which resulted in the inevitable wave of uncertainty within myself. In order to keep my head above water, I decided to truly ponder and honestly evaluate my emotions, relationships, and my overall life/journey.  My decision revealed my errors, strengths, insecurities, blessed factors I took for granted, and compelled me to face certain realities I was avoiding. 

Although the process of honestly evaluating one self can be difficult; the social, mental, and spiritual awareness that is gained, personally, was worth it.  With this new found realization, I was able to accept what was done, improve what I can now, and prepare for the future.

Due to this perspective shift, I decided to embrace and "work with what my momma gave me", by taking on a NO weave/extension journey (and debuting my real hair in this post). I mean new season, new hair, am I right?

To ease in to the new season, I decided to wear a *LBD from American Apparel, along with velvet boots from Urban Outfitters for a texture difference. To counterbalanced the curve hugging dress, I wore a denim jacket from LTrainVintage to "casual-lize" the outfit.

Do change your hair depending the season, if so, to what?

Until next time,



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