Come Through, Fall

Shirt: Forever21 | Skirt: Forever21 | Shoes: Windsor

Hello to all!
Hope all is swell.

As the days of August get crossed off our calendars, and the nights begin to get cooler, it is now time for us to accept the "summer time sadness". On the other hand, being a Fall baby, I am thrilled for the season to come. Having dark/neutral colors wash over my wardrobe, wearing those colors without internally burning is a feeling I am anticipating. 

Though the days are not cold enough to throw on a sweater and knee high boots, dressing by the same color palette while simultaneously avoiding to bake is achievable.

To fill my void, I wore a burnt orange button down skirt from Forever21. The suede material of the skirt provides warmth, but due to the length, I am still able to stay cool. To counteract the orange, I wore a white turtleneck crop top also from Forever21.

To give my outfit the edge I seem to constantly yearn for, I wore my cut out Balenciaga inspired boots from Windsor. Due to the side openings from the ankle to the bottom of the foot, I was able to reduce excess heat.

How do you fill your fall/winter void in the summer?

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