Trace of Lace

Shirt: Forever21 | Bottoms: Thrift Store | Shoes: Forever21

Hello to all!
Hope all is swell.

          Having black be my favorite color, I firmly believe that one can wear it anytime, any place, any season. Though the current weather has been testing my theory, black will remain an advent color in my wardrobe.

       In order to keep my cool, I decided to wear a black lace material crop top from Forever21. This all black piece was inspired by a similar top from Zara, for only a fraction of the price. Due to the silk thin straps, low cut neckline, and lace material, this item provides versatility in warmer or cooler climates.

To complete the monochromatic outfit, I wore these black high waisted dress pants that I purchased from my local thrift store. What I love about this item is the semi-capri cut off. With the short length, I am able to dress up for work or dress down for a quick bite with friends.

As for my shoes, I wore a faux leather mule from Forever21.

What is your year around color?

Until next time,



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