Even Flowers Have Leather...

Dress: Forever21 | Shoes: Cosmopolitan| Jewelry: Cotton On & Forever21

Hello to all!
Hope all is swell.

As mentioned in previous posts, the 70's is one of my favorite eras. From the clothes to the popularization of individual expression, the 70's was an era that exuded self acceptance, optimism, mental/spiritual growth and compassion. Being the youngest in a creative and musically inclined family, I was surrounded by these same values. Which in result allowed me to explore and discover who I am, shamelessly. 

Firmly believing, and taking multiple "past lives" quizzes, that one of my past lives existed in this era, I was immediately drawn to this rustic brown colored dress from Forever21. The deep v neckline detailed with flower-like cutouts balances out the overall "drapeyness" of the silhouette.  In the back there is a cutout placed above the lower back, that is put under the same flower-like patterns found in the v-neck. The added touch to this dress was the flared out sleeves. I was insanely amused and fascinated by this addition. I felt free flowing yet dramatic when I swung my arms round. Similar to having a ribbon, but attached to your wrist.

To really achieve the 70's-esque outfit, brown flat sandals are ideal. On the other hand, I wanted to give this hippie some edge. I decided to sport this look with black leather strap heels from Cosmopolitan. Due to the shiny leather material, these heels added an instant "bad ass" look.

As for the jewelry I decided to wear a stone necklace from Forever21, and an array of rings from Cotton On,  different Flea Markets, and Forever21.   

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