Shirt: Forever21 | Jeans: H&M | Shoes: Forever21 | Belt: Aeropostale

Hello to all!
Hope all is swell.

After recently finishing all eight seasons of Charmed on Netflix, I realized that the late 90s/early 2000s style are extremely advent in our trends of today. Mom jeans and crop tops are constant reminders that the 90s will always linger within our music, fashion, and culture.

The star of this outfit is this v-neck crop top from Forever21. The material of the top reminds me of my grandparents couch, which is why I was surprised when it was made in to a top. I was unsure how the top would fit, until I tried it on. Due to the elastic band and string on the back, I was able to adjust the top accordingly.

For my bottoms, I am wearing these mom jeans from H&M. What I admire the most about these pair of jeans was how H&M captured the essence of a true mom jean. From the fit to the material. So much that when I walked passed my mom she said, "Oh hey! You found my old pair of jeans downstairs. You know...", though I was able to nod my head out of a lecture about her days. Yet, I must say, my Mom was a fashionable ting in her day, still is. Shout out to you Mom.

To pull the outfit together, I decided to wear my brown belt from Aeropostale and brown sandals from Forever21.

What was your favorite 90s show?

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