Shirt: American Apparel / Shorts: Stylus / Shoes: Call It Spring

Hello to all!
Hope all is swell.

Today's outfit is inspired by my desire to travel to tropical places. Just imagining the warm wind flowing through your hair, and the sand oozing between your toes. Though Jersey is far from tropical, a girl can dream right?

My palm tree leaves crop top is from American Apparel. I love the overall print of this crop top because it is effortlessly wrapped around the top. There is not a distinct place where the print begins and ends, which is a plus in my book.

To continue the green color scheme, I decided to wear these olive colored cargo shorts from a brand called Stylus. One of my main problems is finding bottoms that both fit my bum and waist. When I saw these shorts had an adjustable string, my problems have been solved. These shorts are not too tight, which makes moving around easier.

To add the cherry on top, I wore these Birkenstock inspired slip ons from Call It Spring. Due to its nude color and pleather straps, the shoes can be worn in the house and/or with a stylish outfit. Now that summer is here, these shoes can help you stay cool on your feet, yet still look cute while doing it.

Where is your tropical getaway?

Until next time,



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