Look Ma, No Pants!

Shirt: Uniqlo | Shoes: Call It Spring | Shades: Giant Vintage | Accessories: Forever21 & Flea Market

Hello to all!
Hope all is swell.

First things first, I am wearing shorts. As much as I love to think I am a free floating flower child, I am not that free, so shorts is a must!

Shirt dresses seems to be one of the summer's must have this year. Whether it is denim, tribal, solid, or print, shirt dresses is an effortless way to look simultaneously stylish and sun friendly. This denim shirt dress from Uniqlo (actually a men's shirt) was the perfect length and material for both factors. Wonder what sold me? The fact that it was only 10 dollars at the thrift store! 10 DOLLARS. If some are not familiar with the brand, Uniqlo has their clothing made out of some of the best materials, which explains the prices. So, finding this was not only a major steal but an accomplishment. I felt like Indiana Jones, but for clothing.

Speaking of gems, the next component to my outfit are these slightly oval shades, called Esprit, from Giant Vintage. Thanks to my lovely friends over at GV, I was able to pick a couple pair of shades that best represented myself. I am a sucker for gold, so picking Esprit was inevitable. What I admire the most about these shades is the gold brimming. The brimming adds a bit of "bling" without being too flashy.

To match the gold on my eyes, I wore my brown gladiator sandals from Call It Spring. These shoes not only are comfortable, but they also have gold buckles that compliments the tan color of the shoes.

Do you think shirt dresses are here to stay for summers to come or just a fad?

Until next time,



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