LBD | 5 Different Ways Ft. Giant Vintage

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Have you been staring at that Little Black Dress in your closet and wish you had more ways to wear it? Well, in the video above, I show you five different ways you can style your LBD. Just a reminder, you do not have to purchase these same exact items, I posted this video in more of an inspiration. These five looks vary from an evening to casual to street.

This video would not be completed with out the help of my dear friends over at Giant Vintage. For my older readers, Giant Vintage has appeared in previous post such as Hint of Print  and GV. I can not stress enough the variety this company has. From retro, futuristic, to classics, Giant Vintage seems to have a pair of shades to suit any style and personality. The lenses and glasses wore in this video were the Dash and the Louis. Also, Giant Vintage always have some exciting promos and discounts going on. Don't miss out.

Thanks GV and you all for watching!

What do you guys love about your LBD?

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