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Shirt: Mom's Closet | Belt: Forever21 | Shorts: Forever21| Shoes: Docs Martens | Glasses: c/o Giant Vintage

Hello all! Hope everyone is swell!

I would like to just take a moment out to welcome my new viewers and say thank you to the viewers that have stayed with me for these past couple months. Part of the reason why I blog and make videos, is to interact with you all. Being able to stay connected with like minded people is an amazing thing. Again, thank you all! Now let us get on with this outfit, shall we?

Today, I decided to challenge myself... with red. Red happens to be my least favorite color, on myself. I personally feel that I do not give the color justice, but with listening to "Run The World" by Beyonce on repeat, I accepted the challenge. Even though the color I am sporting is not as bright as fire, burgundy is the perfect baby step.

To start off this semi monochromatic look, I am wearing a spandex material shirt, with a boat neck design. This shirt comes from my mother's closet, believe it or not. Who knew my mom is a bigger fashionista than I am? For some added contrast, I wore high waisted black shorts from Forever21, and to bring this look together, I wore a gold plated belt from Forever21 as well (So glad I found this belt, I feel that it is one of a kind and can go with many outfits! You are going to see this item a lot).

For accessories/shoes, I am wearing low top Doc Martens in the color cherry red. I chose this color for my shoes because it fed my red deprived color platte, but in the most subtlest way possible. Lastly, I wore my, now favorite accessory of all time, my Giant Vintage Zeke gold lenses. I kid you not when I say these lenses has become one of my stables in my closet. Not only does these lenses feed my obsession with gold, but it adds characters to any look I put together. I can dress them up or down. Also, how many people you see walking down the street with these babies? You will definitely be a head turner (in a good way!). You will also see these lenses incorporated with many upcoming looks as well!

What do you guys think of red? Is it a color you shy away from, or are you a red wearer and proud?

Until next time,



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