Now you're in New York!

Hello all!
Hope everyone is swell. Last Monday I took a day trip to New York City, the city that never sleeps. My dear friend Sylvia and I traveled uptown, downtown, SoHo, NoHo, and even braved the overly crowded Chinatown. Despite all the traveling, I must say I enjoyed myself. No matter how many times I visit New York City always has something in-store for me. Wether it is street performers, the bright lights of Times Square, or the endless diverse restaurant choices.

What is a trip without taking any pictures? What I enjoyed the most about this outfit is that I did not over analyze. Which was a relief for once. Thinking too much can stress the brain out, and stress equals to acne, which equals pounding on excess foundation, which equals to looking not so glamours! Anyway, back on track. The clothing items that make up this gypsy inspired outfit is a shirt I purchased from a festival in Brooklyn, which I cut into a crop top, a black and white chiffon material maxi skirt from Forever21, and a pair of all white TOMS. To complete this outfit, I wore a gold chain headpiece that I made myself (Heads up, DIY video on how to make the headpiece is coming up on my channel soon), a taupe colored purse I purchased at a boutique in Delaware, and my Johnny Depp inspired circle shades with gold top brimming that I purchased in St.Marks, NY.

What do you think about circle lens sunglasses? Do you think it is just a summer phase, or is this a trend that will stay?

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