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The Dream Hotel, located on 16th street downtown Manhattan, was filled with a different kind of "guests". June 21st marks the day of's first ever conference, "How To Make It In Fashion". is one of the largest independent fashion news site on the internet. Fashionista post everything from designer's collections, advice, jobs/internships, and even where are the hottest parties. The fashion filled website started back in 2005 with only an idea, and now it is a ten member staff with the 24/7 inside scoop on what is happening.

With guest speakers such as Zac Posen, Rebecca/Uri Minkoff, Chris Benz, and Leandra Medine ( The Man Repeller), it was bound to be a packed event! Not to mention, there were one-on-one sessions held within the breaks. Just to name drop some more, the mentors ranged from top style blogger, Christina Caradona (Trop Rouge), to founder and CEO of School of Style, Luke Storey. Luke was also my mentor (He is incredibly chill, and down to earth! We shared more laughs than tips!).

The day started at 8:30AM with registration. I was almost late, but thank the higher power for rush hour trains! To begin the many talks/tips/advice, Zac Posen (He is even more handsome in person), spoke to all of us about his journey and how he got to be where he is today. To make matters more exciting, the designer is only 32, and has already designed clothing for First Lady Michelle Obama, to Gwyneth Paltrow. No wonder he is common a name on the red carpet.

 (Footage of Zac Posen will on TheStyleShot's youtube channel)

Following Zac Posen's presentation was a break and a chance to network with fellow designers, bloggers, stylist, and entrepreneurs alike. With five of these "breaks and networking" in the schedule, it was a great way to meet and present yourself to new faces, and maybe meet your future co workers. Who knows?

Next up on the guest speakers list was Rebecca and Uri Minkoff. Rebecca and Uri were speaking about the 'starting a business' aspect. The dos and dont's, their story, and the importance of strategizing your business as well as product. With, what it seems like everyone, is going in to fashion, it is key to have a solid business plan. During their Q&A, I finally broke out of my shell, and asked a question. It was bad enough that I have terrible people fright, but they also had microphones! Which made everything seem as if the world around me was getting bigger, as I just got smaller. When it was my turn, my voice and body was shaking with mixed emotions. I did not want come across as if I have no idea what I was saying, but I also do not want to miss this once an a lifetime chance. Lets get serious, who get to speaks with Rebecca and Uri Minkoff without having to go through the "middle mans".  Needless to say, I asked about how to get over the fear of starting a business, and Rebecca and Uri basically said that failure was no option and if you are passionate, do it.

Along with the amazing information that was said, I also met some fashionable friends along the way, and Leandra Medine, the founder and editor of The Man Repeller. Leandra is HILARIOUS! She is way funnier in person, but her Vines still reigns.

Yesterday was an amazing day. I met some awesome like minded people, saw Zac Posen, laughed with Luke Storey, and broke out of my shell.

Thank you so much for having this conference!

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  1. Cool !! Wish I lived in NY. Such an amazing sounding event !!



    FB’ I LIKE BACK :)

    1. It was! Fashionista is thinking about hosting more events throughout the year. There were girls from Cali, Ohio, and Georgia. If you came, you wouldn't be the only one that is not a "New Yorker".

      (I am from New Jersey, I am not one either. haha)