Code Red. Cherry Red

Hello all!
Hope everyone is swell! Before I go in detail on this outfit, I have some exciting news. Wait for it. Wait. I got a internship with Rachael Ruddick, and renowned Australian handbag/jewelry designer, in SoHo, New York! This is what I have been waiting for. This can be the stepping stone into my career, my dream, my future! By the time of my third year of college, I would like to fully develop my own fashion/beauty production company called, TheStyleShot. Having this internship can open many doors for me, or at least crack them open for me so I can peak inside. I have a whole life ahead of me. A life full of adventures and obstacles that are waiting for me to conquer. I am ready. Hello world!

Enough of me sounding as if I climbed Mt. Everest, and let us get on with the outfit. For my dress, I am wearing a black and white tribal printed sundress from Forever21. The intriguing aspect of this dress is the patterns. The patterns on the dress seems to be the same, but at some point it changes directions. The dress adds dimension, while still having a flirtatious vibe. For accessories, I am wearing a gold watch and an gold arm cuff with geometric "cut outs". As for my shoes, I am wearing my cherry red Doc Martens, my newest addition to my show collection. Finally, I am holding my taupe colored purse, and wearing a nude colored scarf with floral detailing. 

Until next time,



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    1. Thank you! Got it at Forever21 for a great price! About $3.50 I believe. This cuff literally goes with any outfit/mood!


    2. Love it, the combination of the casual badass shoes coupled with the sotfter, flirtatious dress gives it such a good balance. Plus it makes it more interesting to look at :)