RED is the new black!

Hello all!
Hope everyone is swell. At my school, located in South Jersey, has been getting warmer. I mean finally! Spring has already started, yet it feels like the middle of November. Today I have this (almost) all red outfit. I believe it was the 57ish degree weather that brought me to this outfit because red is not a color a wear most often, unless it is on my lips.
For my shirt, I am wearing this burgundy suede looking material that I fished out of my basement. Turns out this was my mother's shirt "back in the day". For the bottom, I am wearing these red high wasted shorts from Urban Outfitters. Cool things about these shorts are that they require no button at all. Only a medium length zipper located on the back. To keep these short from riding down, I wore a skinny light brown belt from Forever21. Even though it was 57ishh degrees, there was a bit of wind, so to keep me from feeling totally naked, I wore these knee high socks. To finish the look, I wore my anklet combat boots, and a gold and black headband as a necklace.

Until next time,



Guess what guys? I got accepted to Cazenovia College! Cazenovia College located in Cazenovia, New York, and they have a interesting and respectable fashion merchandising program. The only down fall of this, is that it is FOUR hours away from my home. Looks like I am now forced to get my license. I am still keeping my options open and waiting on a couple of more colleges. I shall keep you guys posted!


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