Tough Girl

Hello all!

Hope everyone is swell! Today I am back with another outfit post. Wow, two posts in one week? I guess you can say I got my "groove" back. All it took was a pep talk with my oldest brother. Being at a private boarding school, there is rarely any communication with my family, but that is neither here or there!

Today's outfit is a bit more of my perspective on edgy. The stars of this outfit has to be the combination of the black beanie and spiked headband. Not only did the spikes added dimension to a regular beanie, but it also kept it from sliding off my head! I purchased the spiked headband from eBay for about two dollars. eBay has been my go-to website to buy inexpensive items with high quality. My navy blue crew neck sweater is from a local dollar store, for the bottoms I am wearing my high wasted black leggings from Forever21, on my feet I am wearing navy blue and white converses, and around my waist I tied a Chanel inspired detailed button down.

Until next time,