Hello all!
Hope everyone is swell! Today I have decided to connect with my inner Jenn Im. For those who are not familiar with Jenn, she is a fashion expert, in my eyes, on Youtube. Her channel, Clothes Encounters, has over 300k subscribers, and you never see one of her videos with less than 100 thousands views. What I love about Jenn the most is her eclectic style and helpful tips. One of her many tips is that "When you have nothing else to wear, make your dress into a skirt", and I did just that.

On my head I am wearing a cream colored turban from Afaze. The exciting part about this particular turban is that it has a floral lace print. For my "skirt", I am wearing a Aztec-like printed dress from Cotton On. Over that, I am wearing a chiffon gold button down from Forever21. To tie the look together, I wore my dark brown belt from Aeropostale. On my feet, I am wearing my most worn ankle cut combat boots from a boutique in New York, and just simple black tights. This outfit gives off a laid back vibe, so to complete the look I decided to wear my Chanel inspired black and gold cross body bag from Forever21.

Until next time,