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Hello all!
 When I first started this blog, I wanted to show the world my obsession for makeup/fashion.  Then I came to the realization that part of my obsession came from other people.  This really kicked in when I attended Fashion Institute of Technology's summer program.  Seeing so many innate fashion sense; you can not help but to absorb it all.

For the first ever Style Profile post,  I have the lovely Jennifer.  Her blog, Art in Our Blood, has over 500 followers, and her LOOKBOOK has over 2,000 fans (Including myself! Why wouldn't you fan this girl, she is great!).  I emailed Jennifer earlier this week and arranged a text interview, since she lives in California and I am in New Jersey.   Now, lets see what Jennifer had to say...

K: Your stye, where did it all come from?

J:  I get inspired by characters that I want to embody, and build my outfits around the type of person they emanate!

K: Outside inspirations? (EX. books, countries, etc.. anything other then fashion itself)

J: Generally books or films. I like making outfits that are inspired from my Sherlock Holmes or anything Marvel related.

K: Favorite clothing/accessory piece?

J: My gold cut out cuffs! They look like gauntlets!

K: Favorite pair of shoes?

J:  Probably my black wedge booties only because I wear them 75% of the time though!

K: Do you think your fashion sense has change from 3 years ago, how?

J: Definitely. I dressed like the typical teenager for the most part until my sophomore year I started to explore fashion more, but still it was very toned down. Junior year, my taste really expanded and my style took a drastic and bolder turn.

K: When you first started blogging, did you ever think that you would have the amount of followers or attention that you have now?

J: I knew that in time if I kept at it and played my cards right while also constantly striving to evolve and improve my blog, that it would in turn grow, but I never thought it would grow as quickly as it has now!

K: Future plans?

J: Well for right now my main focus is to finish college apps and churn out the best portfolio I can for art schools!

K: Career choice?

J: Fashion designer

K: College choice?

J:  Parsons or RISD

K: Ultimate goal in life?

J: To show my work at NYFW and also to create garments that make even someone who is more shy with fashion, want to be bolder when they get dressed.

K: Can you see yourself still blogging in 5 years?

J: Yes, although I may not be able to blog as frequently if I start making lots of progress with my fashion design pursuits!

K: Ever thought about a youtube channel?

J:  No not really, only because it's a handful managing my blog already, but I do show my followers the footage from my school's annual fashion show!

K: What do you think about eBay? Good choice for clothes/accessories or no?

J:  I LOVE eBay!!! I buy a lot of stuff on there; it's a great place to buy things much cheaper. Especially because so many clothing items are manufactured in China, you can buy directly from the sellers there, and it's basically the same place where stores like Forever 21 will acquire their merchandise.

K: Creepers. Yay or Nay?

J: Yay for sure, I have a pair of leopard creepers myself!

K: Sneakers or heels?

J: Heels, although I appreciate sneakers just as much! I really like Converse at the moment.

K: Finally, What is Fashion?

J:  Fashion is anything you put on your body as a way of outwardly expressing what you want to communicate from inside.

Thank you again Jennifer for taking the time out to do this interview.  I wish you all the success as a fashion designer!

Until next time!



  1. Great interview! I'm a big fan of hers, I love she usually incorporates black into her outfits; her style is ace. :)