BlackFashion by Javii x AfroPunk Fest

Hello all!
Yesterday I attended my first ever festival-Afro-Punk Fest.  The 8th annual festival was held at Commodore Barry Park Brooklyn,New York for two days (Aug.25-26). Afro-Punk Fest has been a tradition in Brooklyn for the past seven years.  Introducing new artists to their stage before they "make it big" is just one of the many activities Afro-Punk Fest holds.  At this enormous park, you have numerous food trucks, stands where upcoming designers are selling their items, sponsored booths such as Nike and Vitamin Water, and booths of bloggers that want to expand their network such as Black Fashion by Javii and designer/blogger L3NF. 

Black Fashion by Javii is a website created by a lovely woman named Javanell. Javanell's misson for Black Fashion is to have a collection of innate images you rarely see in the media. Black Fashion is not only a site were you see off-runway style and pictures; it is also inspiration. People from around the world submit their pictures to showcase who they really are (Paris, London, and Sweden; just to name a few areas.) Black Fashion is also teamed up with Afro Punk. Javanell has turned her love for fashion in to a well known site and name. Hm, I can see a possible interview with her in my future.


Can we please talk about the many different people I have seen at the festival. One of the main reasons why I enjoyed myself at the festival was that even though it was the "Afro-punk" festival, there was so many different ethnicities and nationalities. For instance, I met this guy named Justin from Australia. Justin was telling me how the Afro-Punk Fest is one of the major reasons why he comes to visit the US. Different styles brushed Barry Park as the day went on. I think mainly because Erykah Badu was hosting throughout the day and performing at night.  Badu still looks good even with her neon pink afro that can be seen from across the park. Nothing says "Afro-punk" better than that. We all know that as an maybe aspiring photographer,  I had to bring my camera and capture memorial outfits and faces at the festival.

P.S. A HUGE THANK YOU to Javanell for inviting me out to this festival. I would have not known or even cover this if it was not for her. Thanks again!
Her website, Check it out and maybe even submit!
Thanks to Antonio as well for some of the amazing pictures!

(Justine & Taja)


(Justin from Aussi!)

(Pierce & Emanuel) 

(Lafyette & Ricky)



(Mikael & Dawn)

(Mikael & Dawn)

(Mikael & Dawn)

 (Layfette & Ricky)

(Stada  & Brandon)

(Lafyette & Ricky)

(Stada & Brandon)




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  1. This looks like so much fun & your outfit is really cute.

  2. I want to go to AfroPunk so bad!I love the colors, styles, and hair. I wish my hair was a bit more curlier so I rock an Afro like one of the guys in your post. I love your blog. I followed.

    Check out me and my friends blog?

    -Autumn & Athena